Identify shadow mailboxs (InvalidLicenseException)

2nd November, 2022

When we perform migrations, the customer is responsible for choosing the objects which should migrate (for this blog example; users, resources, shared mail). Often this also includes choosing the AD or AAD identities they want to sync from one place to another too, so that target identities can be provisioned and mailbox’s created. We ask […]

Remove Microsoft Teams conferencing information from meeting

29th September, 2020

Update May 2021: This tool has now been removed as there are built in methods in Outlook to achieve this. See this article Remove Teams Info from Calendar Invite – Don’t Host Online – Nero Blanco Is your “Join Teams Meeting” button not working in your calendar? Has your organisation going through or completed a […]

Who consumed or applied a M365 license today?

7th July, 2020

Quick one today. Recently a customer (Simon, thanks!) had a sudden disappearance of a number of vacant licenses which they were about to consume for other objects. They wanted to investigate on which objects this occurred and who did it. All of this can be found in the audit logs. For example here is a […]

Case Study:- HSBC

23rd April, 2020

PDF version of the case study. Otherwise, please continue to find full text below. Improve Productivity and Enterprise Mobility Globally by Building and Supporting Email Migration Systems Nero Blanco partners with HSBC to migrate more than 270,000 mailboxes to deliver improved collaboration EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As one of the world’s largest banking and financial organisations, HSBC […]

Guest account sign in blocked

22nd April, 2020

Recently we gave a customer access to a team in our tenant, we conduct a lot of B2B collaboration. As you know from my previous Guest account blog, this initially creates the individual in our tenant as an “Invited user” (Guest), then, once they accept the invitation, and accept that Nero Blanco can read their […]

Hmmm…can’t find that team

3rd April, 2020

We’re seeing renewed issues with Microsoft Live ID or Microsoft Personal accounts interfering with new corporate identities when an organisation starts is Microsoft Cloud/Teams journey. Users cannot access resources (documents/Teams) which they have been given permission, or join Microsoft Teams due to security restrictions, like conditional access or guest account settings. Conrad provided an excellent […]

Mobile number not syncing via AAD Connect

22nd June, 2018

Very brief observation from us today. A customer complained that the mobile attribute was not syncing from their local Active Directory to Office 365/Azure Active Directory – even though AAD Connect was reporting the attribute changes…. It turns out, that this is one of the only attributes editable directly on Azure Active Directory / Office […]

NeroBlanco Lotus Notes to O365 MaaS

6th February, 2018

We’re often asked why our Migration as a service offering is more advantageous than any on-premises solution an organisation could wish to deploy.   Typically if a company has decided to host their email in the Microsoft cloud they have already familiarised & accepted all the certifications which Microsoft abides by in their services,  like […]

Synchronisation of the LegacyExchangeDN

15th November, 2017

An interesting challenge was discovered at a client recently during testing in a development (pre prod) environment. Whilst we were not the architects of the directory synchronisation, it serves for a great blog/article.   A very very large customer (300k users) is deploying some additional Exchange forests for their final countries to migrate to Outlook […]

The Banker Technology Projects of the Year Awards 2017

11th August, 2017

Did you know, Nero Blanco has a long-lasting relationship with HPe (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), BT (Binary Tree) & HSBC? For the last 4 years we have been the leading technology consultancy, developing and customising the back bone of the migration and coexistence environment for HSBC’s 300,000 mailboxes. From the pilot stage of the Mercury programme […]

New exciting partnership – All-in-One Management Solution for Office 365

26th May, 2017

Here at Nero Blanco we are really proud to announce our newest partnership with 4ward365 .   4ward365 has a proven track record, really helps our customers maximise their investment, provides real world insights and alerts when embracing Microsoft cloud services. Have a read from one of our valued customers Karen Hardy Studios how they transformed their efficiency […]

Domino SMTP connection round robin

23rd January, 2017

Domino has its own internal processing or ideas on how it implements TTL for DNS entries on SMTP Connection documents (where “Connection type:” is SMTP), which is frustrating as it doesnt always conform to what is out in the wild which you have diligently configured in DNS. Therefore if you are attempting to transfer messages over […]