Category: Azure migrations

Google to Microsoft 365 Migrations – Part 2

26th March, 2024

Addressing common issues with Google to Microsoft 365 migrations The migration discovery phase Like all migration projects, Google to Microsoft 365 migrations begin with a comprehensive discovery process – and we employ various methods to examine the Google Workspace when compiling our discovery analysis report. This report includes a comprehensive list of all domains associated […]

Google to Microsoft 365 Migrations – Part 1

14th March, 2024

Addressing common issues with Google to Microsoft 365 migrations With experience migrating close to a million seats, Nero Blanco specialise in Microsoft tenant-to-tenant migrations – so much so that our team have been described as “world leaders in Microsoft migrations”. We pride ourselves on our expertise in this area. Our projects have ranged from small […]

Microsoft Gold EIGHT times over!!!

4th June, 2021

We are always striving to be the best, whether that is to our Clients, our Partners or our Vendors and Distributors. We have been a Microsoft Gold Partner (Productivity, Platform, EMS, Datacenter and Application Development) for several years now, which with a smaller team is no mean feat! We are please to announce that we […]

VM troubleshooting in Azure

7th February, 2019

Azure is a great service for hosting virtual machines, however sometimes VMs get into trouble and aren’t able to boot… Then you find yourself longing for a keyboard and screen connected directly or via Hyper-V or ESX. Alas don’t despair there are two options that may help! Serial Console Within the Azure Portal there is […]

Inside the Microsoft Azure Datacenter Architecture

25th October, 2017

This is a summary of a great session by Mark Russinovich talking about Azure Inside Azure Datacenters Data center design When Microsoft plans new data centers they start with geographies (Geos) which are gradually coming down to country (Germany, France, UK, etc).  Within a geo there are at least two regions (region pair).  A region […]

Azure network error 1233, error 53 path not found

19th September, 2016

If you have an Azure VM that is suddenly getting errors including Error 53: The network path was not found Error 1233: The network location cannot be reached Server can’t be pinged but can ping out After ensuring that the firewall settings are ok (or if you know 100% this was working and now after […]