New exciting partnership – All-in-One Management Solution for Office 365

New exciting partnership – All-in-One Management Solution for Office 365

Here at Nero Blanco we are really proud to announce our newest partnership with 4ward365 .


4ward365 has a proven track record, really helps our customers maximise their investment, provides real world insights and alerts when embracing Microsoft cloud services. Have a read from one of our valued customers Karen Hardy Studios how they transformed their efficiency and cost awareness of their cloud services through using 4ward365.

Nero Blanco have a long standing relationship with the 4ward365 team, and even have influenced some of the products and features you will come to love. So when they say it is the most advanced Office 365 management suite, we are even more proud to partner with them. 4ward365 is for ever evolving with new features, we love their commitment in this area. Even Microsoft’s own “Better with” site recommends them.

You can visit their youtube pages linked below for some great overviews & also get in contact with Nero Blanco today to see how we can maximise your o365 investment!

Here are some of the great features we have come to love below.


All-in-One Management Solution for Office 365

Many companies that have made the transition to Office 365 are utilizing separate monitoring, administration and reporting tools to help fill all the business needs to manage their environments.  This is most common with enterprise organizations, or large government groups that have distributed agencies or departments, and unique management requirements for their one large tenant.  What they come to realize is that a single, full-featured, enterprise-grade, management solution is preferable to provide complete visibility into their environment and help them efficiently manage and support their distributed user communities.

4ward365 is the only All-in-One Management Solution for Office 365 on the market today that includes the features and functionality to put an IT support group in complete control over their cloud environment. An example of this is the capability to segment a single tenant into multiple sub-tenants by government agency, or department, and then assign a specific administrator to monitor and manage just that group of users.

4ward365 has been architected and designed from the beginning with IT administrators in mind.  The solution addresses the main challenges that every enterprise IT group meets the day after the migration to Office 365 is complete.  4ward365 focuses on six key aspects to enable complete visibility and help IT groups maintain control over the management of Office 365:

  • Optimized License Management, capabilities help control license distribution by business unit with assigned quotas. This would optimize the licensing assignments by putting the decisions into the hands of the local administrators for each business unit.  It also tracks all unassigned and inactive licenses.
  • Segmenting Tenant into Multiple Sub-Tenants and Delegating Admin Rights to Regional Support Teams, would enable the secure assignment of very specific admin tasks to the Help Desk and regional support engineers. This would reduce the amount of time required by central IT administrators.
  • Advanced and Customizable Reporting, provides a simple interface to edit existing reports, and create new ones that can be scheduled and sent out to IT management. Dashboards allow for drill-down reporting to easily filter the data by different attributes and group the information to view different patterns.
  • Real-time Service Availability Monitoring, provides the ability to maintain watch over different sites and ensure that they can access Office 365 with the acceptable performance levels.
  • Auditing and Alert Notifications, feature enables a simple UI to view, filter and search log file data, and allows for the creation of automated monitoring alerts for security compliance issues that are identified.
  • Integrated Training Videos and Adoption Campaigns, enables the training group to create internal marketing campaigns to help drive the adoption of different Office 365 workloads and improve user productivity in each department. Over 2,400 training videos are included in the on-line library.

Example dashboard report showing Exchange usage

On-Line Demos

To view different functionality of the 4ward365 solution in action, please use links below for helpful videos that showcase their product capabilities.

4ward365 – Full Solution Overview

Delegating Admin Tasks using RBAC

Optimizing License Management