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Established in 2012, Nero Blanco IT Limited exists to change the way large technology migration and consolidation programmes are delivered.

If your business is expanding rapidly then a cloud solution makes sense as it offers a scalability and flexibility that means your IT can grow along with your organisation. Our technical advisors will discuss every option available to you, whether it’s on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid solution.

From messaging infrastructure, networking and security, to storage and server hardware, and virtualisation for multiple operating systems, we provide a rarely found level of skill, knowledge and understanding across most platforms. Our technical team has over 50 years combined experience carrying out complex migration projects for Office 365 migration, Active Directory (AD), Microsoft Exchange, and IBM Lotus Notes/Domino.



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We’re large enough to work with some of the most well-known companies around the globe, yet agile enough to provide a personal and highly efficient service.

We’ve planned and implemented Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration projects for large-scale, dynamic corporate organisations, including global brands such as Wunderman Thompson, HSBC, Ernst & Young, Water Aid and RNIB.

Our team will talk you through your options and help you make the right choice for your business – from robust cloud-based options to on-premise or hybrid solutions.

From messaging infrastructure, networking and security, to storage and server hardware, and virtualisation for multiple operating systems, we provide a level of skill, knowledge and understanding that’s rare in the technology sector.

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"The project was completed quickly and effectively. What few issues there were with the migration were met with great support, and reassurance that a solution would be delivered swiftly. The knowledge was there, and delivery was checked and measured at every milestone. Minimal Post-migration support was required, due to the smooth nature of the migration, and the great level of response to emerging issues.We really appreciated that everything went as promised, with no post-migration headaches. Based on our experiences with other specialists we were most impressed with the level of professional planning and expertise from Nero Blanco, and we would definitely recommend them and use them again for future projects.”
Chris Alcock, IT Support Engineer, Signal
“Nero Blanco made an extremely complex process smooth sailing. The perception from our CEO was that the migration was ‘flawless’.”
Michal Wojciechowski, Head of IT, Cognifide
Data migration of any kind is always tricky but the project went incredibly smoothly. It’s a long time since I’ve worked with a vendor that was able to deliver such a seamless transition, and I was both impressed and amazed by how well it went.
Peter Leslie, IT Manager APAC, WaterAid
“Nero Blanco just got it. There was no problem we could throw at them that they couldn’t handle! I was both impressed and amazed by how well the migration went.”
Peter Leslie, IT Manager APAC, Water Aid
"Traditionally, and for many years, RNIB has partnered with other organisations and charities that complement the work we’re doing to help visually  impaired people. In our most recent restructure, we decided to rehome these organisations – divesting them to other charities that can provide ongoing  support so we can focus on our core activity.The discovery process for these divestitures was done by Nero Blanco as part of the ongoing retainer. Each individual process is then priced up as a  separate project, and delivered in collaboration with the internal team.Nero Blanco have already helped us to divest five to six organisations, with another three to four still to be processed. Some are relatively small projects, while others – such as the divestiture of Loughborough College to Sense Scotland – are more complex, requiring VPN access and the move to a new server.  Yet whatever the size of the project, all require the same smooth transition with minimal impact and disruption to the people involved.In the case of Loughborough College, one RNIB staff member transitioned across to manage the handover, which was super smooth and interruption-free. Without the experience, resources and support of Nero Blanco, we would have struggled to manage the divestiture process. It’s good to have their ongoing support and expertise on hand when we need it."
Aidan Forman, Director of Technology, RNIB
"Since 2016 our tech team has grown from 35 to 90. The cost of retaining the latest skills, experience and knowledge internally is prohibitive, and we don’t always have the time, funds or ability to achieve our objectives.Thanks to the ongoing managed service we have with Nero Blanco, they feel like a seamless extension of our team. They complement the strengths and skills we have in-house, and we’ve established a strong relationship with good rapport – so much so, it’s hard to imagine how we’d manage without them!Our monthly retainer gives us access to their services as and when we need them, yes, but it’s more than that. Nero Blanco are a true strategic partner for RNIB, and their involvement is based on a deep understanding of our goals and the challenges we face as an organisation.When it came to launching our new three-year roadmap, I invited Conrad and the team to road test and review the plan before anyone else. They helped us to identify our priorities, and to create a plan to get us from where we are to where we want to be – despite Microsoft moving the goalposts throughout the process.With the plan signed off, Nero Blanco are now facilitating the delivery of our goals – starting with moving data and resources to Azure, enhancing security, and leveraging the complete Office 365 security stack.Since we began our collaboration with Nero Blanco the partnership has delivered measurable value. Simply put, they have enabled us to drive the organisation forward dramatically, and made it easier for us to do the vital work we do with ease.”
Aidan Forman, Director of Technology, RNIB