Adding a join Teams button to existing meetings.

Performing migrations between tenants we come across various scenarios when data is inextricably linked to the source tenant. In some circumstances it requires some heavy lifting to get something to work.

A VIP to EA relationship where the EA fully manages the VIP’s calendar

Consider this scenario, Dwayne is Fatimah’s Executive assistant (EA). Dwayne as the gate keeper for Fatimah’s time always receives Fatimah’s meetings so her time can be shielded. Dwayne now wants to insert the meeting into Fatimah’s mailbox without all the calendar acceptance process to interrupt or disturb Fatimah and for it to light up in her Teams client on desktop and mobile for simplification of the meeting joining process

We’ve also seen circumstances where the requirement is for the VIPs’ calendar to always show appointments from 9-5pm irrespective of their physical time zone.  So if on Monday they’re in UK and Tuesday in France and Wednesday in USA then their week’s appointments all show 9-5pm local time. The EA receives all meeting requests for the VIP and triages them.  They then create a new appointment inside the VIPs’ calendar and paste in the meeting body/attachments.

Our “Add Join Teams Button” facilitates this.

See these steps.

  1. Dwayne receives a Teams Meeting for Fatimah in his mailbox
  2. Dwayne copies the body of the Teams Meeting
  3. Dwayne creates a new appt in Fatimah’s mailbox and sets the time to Fatimah’s local time
  4. Dwayne pastes the Teams Meeting body into this new appointment
  5. Dwayne clicks on the “Add Join Teams Button” button in the Ribbon
  6. The appropriate MAPI attributes are added to the meeting
  7. Dwayne closes the appointment after setting subject, categories, etc. whatever he normally does
  8. Appointment now works for Fatimah MS Teams Calendar.

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