The Banker Technology Projects of the Year Awards 2017

The Banker Technology Projects of the Year Awards 2017

Did you know, Nero Blanco has a long-lasting relationship with HPe (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), BT (Binary Tree) & HSBC?

For the last 4 years we have been the leading technology consultancy, developing and customising the back bone of the migration and coexistence environment for HSBC’s 300,000 mailboxes. From the pilot stage of the Mercury programme inception, our consultants have personally configured Exchange 2013, implemented and migrated the first users to a solution where the full global email environment of HSBC achieved high fidelity coexistence.

With Nero Blanco developing customisations on top of the Binary Tree CMTC – CMT for Coexistence (now Notes Integrator) and CMTE – CMT for Exchange (now Notes Migrator) solutions, the entire environment was scalable to facilitate migrating 57,885 mailboxes in a single month, and more importantly architected with a least access security model. Our customisations meant the full life cycle of technological events; from the premigration activities of the migration runbook being fully automated, where the operators were only notified if there were issues; through to the actual migration where each step was fully automated and as secure as technology would allow.

Nero Blanco’s solution replicated signals around the globe, controlling 300+ workers and 7+ control centres from a single dashboard. Operators were able to fix issues, import users, export reporting and initiate/stop migrations from a single dashboard. They were also able to witness problems in the environment and go directly to the issue of concern.


To this day we are still engaged in the project whilst HSBC move onto migrating highly regulated countries which could not be included in the initial programme.


The project was part of a much wider programme of transformation to Microsoft 2013 product suite including Office, Outlook and SharePoint which has now won The Banker industry award. Read more below.

UPDATE 21st Feb 2018:- a further case study by HP.

Update 23rd April 2020:- Find Nero Blanco Case study here.