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Microsoft 365 Licensing

26th July, 2020

We are often asked which components are covered by which of the Office 365 or Microsoft 365 licensing SKUs. Well as luck would have it, Aaron Dinnage has a great github repository dedicated to this question Aaron has loads of variations on the above to also look at education and business as well as focus […]

Microsoft 365

20th September, 2017

Microsoft recently released a new subscription called Microsoft 365.  It is available in Business, Enterprise E3 and Enterprise E5 variants.  The Microsoft 365 Business is effectively Office 365 Business Premium, EMS (simplified for Business) and Windows 10.  The Enterprise variants add more configurable options and deeper insight. So why would you want to buy a […]

Office 365 new Inactive Mailbox Licenses

20th September, 2017

Important: Microsoft has decided not to go ahead with the plan. One of the advantages of gathering at Ignite is the chance to have some in-depth conversations about topics. Microsoft was gracious enough to understand that they need to do some more work to understand how tenants use inactive mailboxes before they should introduce new […]

Leveraging Microsoft Online Subscriptions on-premises

17th May, 2017

I know that sound like a weird title right?  How can you leverage Microsoft Online Subscriptions on-premises?  After all Office 365 is in the cloud?  What is not obvious is that a number of the subscriptions actually do grant you usage rights that are for on-premises use cases! The key document to refer to is the […]

Free Windows 10 upgrade offer via CSP

17th May, 2017

Most of us know that there was an offer from Microsoft to upgrade from Windows 7 and 8.1 back in 2016, however most of us don’t know that you can still get a ‘free’ upgrade today! Microsoft announced a new offer in January 2017 for any customers who have a Windows 10 Enterprise subscription via […]