Enhance Notes and Outlook Coexistence – Policy Suggestions

15th June, 2017

Introduction Recommendations for new customers moving to Microsoft Outlook from IBM Lotus Notes. Despite the presence of 3rd Party Coexistence solutions such as Binary Tree Coexistence Manager for Notes the rescheduling of repeating meetings is still not able to be resolved in certain scenarios.  Specifically: “this and all future instances”, and to a lesser importance […]

Migrating Personal Contacts from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook

23rd May, 2017

Introduction This document is a short form version containing the basic steps to help a fairly competent basic user that has some IT skills to complete the task of exporting their Lotus Notes personal contacts and importing them into Microsoft Outlook.  This document should definitely be sufficient for an IT Support Person or Helpdesk consultant. […]

Exchange Resource Mailboxes – Part 1

21st April, 2017

Since Microsoft Exchange 2007 Resource Mailboxes have been a feature of Microsoft Exchange. Overall it appears that Room and Resource mailboxes are a feature that has matured over the previous versions of Microsoft Exchange Server and now receive just a few minor improvements to make them simpler to manage. IBM’s Domino platform has always had […]

The Microsoft Account Dilemma

24th February, 2017

For about 18 months now I have been in a world of pain.  Up front I want to say that Microsoft do an incredible job at this really.  This is complicated stuff I am sure, connecting all these disparate systems, migrating and consolidating.  I think where they have gone wrong is that by trying to […]

Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration

3rd January, 2017

Last weekend I undertook a Migration from one Office 365 tenant to another – manually.  Whilst we normally work in the enterprise space migrating thousands of users, this was a special case project undertaken deliberately as a manual process end to end. It wasn’t without issue and hiccups, made more worrying because it was for […]

Marking email as Private

6th March, 2016

Tagging a message as private (this doesn’t prevent sharing or printing) If you just want to let people know that you’d like them to treat your email as private, you can tag it as such. This doesn’t stop them from forwarding or printing your message. Instead, it includes “Please treat this as Private” at the […]

Deleting an Outlook Profile

4th March, 2016

We’ve all been there.  The time comes when we resort to deleting the Outlook Profile and simply start again.   For IT Professionals this is pretty straight forward and we understand the implications of doing so – and the inevitable new OST download.  If you are a big user of email, this could be a pretty […]

Outlook “Quick Wins”

18th December, 2015

Often in the world of Notes to Exchange migrations we run into resistance at all levels at the organisation, but never more so than the incumbent Messaging Admins themselves.  The best way around this is sell this as a new skill to learn at the opportunity to become dual skilled at two Messaging Platforms. If […]

Configuring IBM Lotus Domino Server for SNMP

4th December, 2015

At a recent client engagement, we were asked to configure Domino for SNMP monitoring and alerting – Simple Network Management Protocol Now, whilst there are some enterprise tools available for Domino Monitoring like GSX and Microsoft SCOM Management packs sometimes a free tool will give you enough of what you need.  This […]

Just How Private are Lotus Notes Private Items?

26th November, 2015

Lotus Notes Private Items, Read Receipts and Encryption Following on from my colleague Twan’s brilliant blog on Private Items in Outlook / Exchange,  (see here ->  ) we thought we would put together a similar one on Lotus Notes. My colleague Neil Langston already touched on parts of this with his equally brilliant Blog on detecting […]

The Shared Mailbox Dilemma

24th April, 2015

The Shared Mailbox Dilemma Microsoft Teams (and Office 365 Groups) whilst having gained serious traction, and by serious – Teams has become Microsoft’s fastest growing App in their history. Shared Mailboxes still have a place in our heart and in the organisation for now, but inevitably they will perhaps fade away, maybe even email will […]

Exchange Global Address List and the Outlook Offline Address Book

2nd April, 2015

Introduction   This document seeks to address and clarify the small misunderstanding surrounding the GAL (Global Address List) and the OAB (Offline Address Book). Quite often all Administrators, even Exchange Administrators simply refer to the users they see in the Address section of Outlook casually as the GAL for ease of reference, but really more […]