Managing a mammoth migration for a global manufacturer

ASMPT is the leading global supplier of electronics manufacturing and semiconductor process equipment. Founded in 1975, the company is on a mission to enable the digital world. ASMPT has been continuously developing and transforming itself – from a machine supplier to a complete end-to-end solutions supplier supporting the smart integrated factories of their global customer base.

The Need:

With a presence in 30 countries and territories around the world, ASMPT is split into two key segments: the Semiconductor Solutions Segment and the SMT Solutions Segment. ASMPT did grow organically as well as through series of strategic acquisitions which led to the fact that. A wide and varied range of IT platforms and approaches had been in use and ASMPT’s global systems were fragmented. Communication between departments and teams was difficult, and this had a knock-on effect on the efficiency of the business.
It was at the start of 2019, when the SMT department was on the cusp of introducing Skype functionality to its 3,500+ staff, when the SMT´s Segment CEO, Mr Guenter Lauber, who also holds the position of the Group`s Chief Digitalization Officer raised the question: “Why Skype? Why not Microsoft Teams?”.

As a team, we’re good at knowing what we know but not so good at not knowing what we don’t know – and right now that’s an awful lot! With our new, shiny unified
tenant comes the need for new processes and ongoing change – such as high-level compliance reporting. It’s vital that everyone understands their new role, and Nero
Blanco’s ongoing support plays a big part in this as we move forward. We couldn’t have done this without them.”
Ian Bleazard
Senior Director – Infrastructure and Analytics

The question kickstarted a new discussion on the benefits of a single-tenant vs multi-tenant led organisation across the wider ASMPT Group, and the ultimate decision: a single-tenant structure provides us with a unified, single collaboration entity.
This wasn’t a decision to be taken lightly. With over 14,000 users spread around the globe, uniting ASMPT into a single Microsoft tenant would be a significant undertaking. Where to begin?

Agreed deliverables:

• First wave migrating 10,000 users from two main entities into a single Microsoft Office 365 tenant
• Discovery and Design
• Tenant and Identity Preparation
• Identity cutover
• Exchange Hybrid
• Migration of Exchange and Public Folders
• Rationalisation and Tidy up (BAU support/Removing ADFS unused/Remove Exchange Hybrid)


The Solution:

Nero Blanco began working with ASMPT back in 2017, when the business was engaged to migrate Domino Mail to Outlook. The process enabled Nero Blanco to understand ASMPT’s business drivers and goals, and to establish a relationship as a trusted partner.
Combining this with the team’s reputation for collaboration, and for streamlining complex IT for global corporations, the IT specialists were the obvious choice to implement and manage this migration.
The global project kicked off in May 2019, and continued despite various Covid-19 lockdown scenarios.

Managing ASM’s mega-migration encompassed five key phases:

  1. Scoping and creating a single tenant for the semiconductor business
  2. Migrating the SMT and SEMI Segments into this single tenant
  3. Migrating on-prem mail to cloud-based Microsoft Office 365
  4. Launching Teams throughout the organisation

Find the full case study here: pdf


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