Enabling Remote Administrators for O365

13th October, 2016

By Carl Baumann, CEO 4ward North America, and Twan van Beers, Nero Blanco The administration tasks for an Office 365 deployment are really designed around a centralized management model. Within the free admin toolset provided by Microsoft there is no way to setup regional management rights for administrators who ONLY want to take care of […]

Azure network error 1233, error 53 path not found

19th September, 2016

If you have an Azure VM that is suddenly getting errors including Error 53: The network path was not found Error 1233: The network location cannot be reached Server can’t be pinged but can ping out After ensuring that the firewall settings are ok (or if you know 100% this was working and now after […]

What are Windows and Surface as a Service?

16th September, 2016

In recent months you may have come across the terms Windows as a Service and Surface as a Service. What exactly do they mean? How can they be of benefit? This blog aims to explain those two terms in detail Windows as a Service The term Windows as a Service first started being used with […]

What is Microsoft Cloud and Azure?

8th August, 2016

What is Cloud? The term Cloud is very common place now, but what does it actually mean?  Are you already using ‘Cloud’?  Where is the Cloud? In a nutshell a cloud is a set of computing services that are accessed over a wide area network connection and where the management of the underlying hardware is separated […]

WPC 2016 download via PowerShell

21st July, 2016

Hi all!!! We’ve just come back from WPC in Toronto, and as first time attendees we were blown away. Not so much by the scale of it, which is impressive in itself but not dissimilar to MEC and Ignite, but the sheer quantity of information available. You can choose to do sessions, arrange formal 1:1 […]

EMEA Partner of the Year 2016

20th July, 2016

Binary Tree has awarded Nero Blanco the honour of EMEA Partner of the Year 2016.   We are humbled to receive this award from Binary Tree, and look forward to continuing our close working relationship with them.   Many thanks to everyone in Binary Tree for creating the software, services and channel to allow us […]

A journey through Microsoft

23rd June, 2016

I thought I’d write about the various programs that are available through Microsoft and Nero Blanco’s journey so far…  It may help other partners choose their track and or make them aware of what is out there. Individual Certification It all started with us as consultants looking to increase our knowledge of the products.  My […]

Reaching Gold Cloud Productivity

6th June, 2016

Our aim for 2016 was to reach Gold Partner status with Microsoft, in particular in the Cloud Productivity competency, and we’re not even half way through the year yet and we’ve got there!   Thanks to everyone’s hard work and dedication to get people onto the Microsoft cloud platform!  Our next focus will be Tier-1 Cloud Solution […]

Exchange Online, On Premise for Small, Midsized Businesses – The Costs

23rd May, 2016

Exchange Online is of course part of Office 365 and people are migrating to it in droves. The attractions from a feature perspective are obvious, for a mere £8 a month small businesses (under 300 users) can get all of the following Exchange Online SharePoint Online OneDrive Skype for Business Exchange Online Protection Office 2016 […]

How can I reduce SPAM for my domains?

6th May, 2016

As any mail administrator will know SPAM is rampant on the Internet.  I’ve work in organizations where over 95% of all mail received at the perimeter is dropped as SPAM mail… In previous blogs we have looked at the Sender Protection Framework (SPF) and DomainKey Identified Mail (DKIM).  Now it is time to look at […]

What is an SPF record?

15th April, 2016

What is an SPF record? An SPF record, or Sender Protection Framework record, is a DNS entry that allows a receiving mail server to verify that the email was sent by the correct server.  An SPF record is read from left to right, with the aim being to get a pass or fail for the […]

Winners at the UK Cloud Awards 2016

13th April, 2016

Nero Blanco are proud to announce that they were awarded the Best Newcomer award at the UK Cloud Awards 2016.  We would like to congratulate all of the other winners in the various categories, which included many different companies including Xero, Salesforce, Deloitte, Amazon, and Microsoft. The event run by the Cloud Industry Forum and […]