Free Office 365 Setup & Migration

11th April, 2016

Free Office 365 Setup, Migration and Support too good to be true? No it is a real offering from Nero Blanco, and we believe it is the first time that an offer like this has ever been made by anyone other than Microsoft themselves.  The reason we can make this offer is that Microsoft reward […]

What is this signed by DKIM

8th April, 2016 What is this signed by Microsoft has introduced a new feature called DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM).  What this does is it takes the body of the email and uses that content to sign the email with a digital signature.  This then allows a receiving mail server to verify that the message has arrived […]

We Are An UK Cloud Awards Finalist

31st March, 2016

Nero Blanco has been shortlisted in the Best Newcomer category for the UK Cloud Awards!  We are thrilled to have been shortlisted and we look forward to the award ceremony on the 12th April at Skylon. Congratulations to all those that have been nominated, there are some projects listed that are quite familiar to us. […]

Your Partner of Record for Office 365

14th March, 2016

Nero Blanco as your Office 365 Partner of Record By designating Nero Blanco as your Office 365 Partner, we receive financial support from Microsoft that enables us to provide you with assistance in creating a new Office 365 tenant, migrating to Office 365 and supporting you once you are on Office 365. Designating Nero Blanco […]

Marking email as Private

6th March, 2016

Tagging a message as private (this doesn’t prevent sharing or printing) If you just want to let people know that you’d like them to treat your email as private, you can tag it as such. This doesn’t stop them from forwarding or printing your message. Instead, it includes “Please treat this as Private” at the […]

Deleting an Outlook Profile

4th March, 2016

We’ve all been there.  The time comes when we resort to deleting the Outlook Profile and simply start again.   For IT Professionals this is pretty straight forward and we understand the implications of doing so – and the inevitable new OST download.  If you are a big user of email, this could be a pretty […]

The BEST reason to keep a Hybrid Exchange Server

15th January, 2016

We are often asked about should I have a Hybrid Server (be that for administration only or for full Hybrid)  and so last year we blogged TEN good reasons to keep a Hybrid Exchange Server. We left out the best and most important one, which is that Microsoft do not support making changes to Exchange related attributes […]

Outlook “Quick Wins”

18th December, 2015

Often in the world of Notes to Exchange migrations we run into resistance at all levels at the organisation, but never more so than the incumbent Messaging Admins themselves.  The best way around this is sell this as a new skill to learn at the opportunity to become dual skilled at two Messaging Platforms. If […]

Configuring IBM Lotus Domino Server for SNMP

4th December, 2015

At a recent client engagement, we were asked to configure Domino for SNMP monitoring and alerting – Simple Network Management Protocol Now, whilst there are some enterprise tools available for Domino Monitoring like GSX and Microsoft SCOM Management packs sometimes a free tool will give you enough of what you need.  This […]

Just How Private are Lotus Notes Private Items?

26th November, 2015

Lotus Notes Private Items, Read Receipts and Encryption Following on from my colleague Twan’s brilliant blog on Private Items in Outlook / Exchange,  (see here ->  ) we thought we would put together a similar one on Lotus Notes. My colleague Neil Langston already touched on parts of this with his equally brilliant Blog on detecting […]

Microsoft Silver Cloud Productivity

23rd October, 2015

A very quick announcement to say that as well as being Microsoft Silver Messaging Partners, Nero Blanco has now also achieved Silver Cloud Productivity Partner status! On the road to becoming Gold Partners now!!! A massive thank you to our consultants, and of course are current clients!

After migration stop users sending email from Lotus Notes

3rd October, 2015

There are a number things needed to send email from Notes when you have local mailfiles.   Local Notes client:- (1) local (2) local mailfile.nsf (3) server mailfile.nsf – not explicitly needed.   Server:- (4)   If you restrict access to the mailfile (2) by making the user have Reader or NoAccess all you […]