Microsoft Changes MCSE/MCSD… again…

Microsoft Changes MCSE/MCSD… again…

As you will probably know, a few years ago Microsoft changed MCSE so that the qualifications would no longer have a version number in the name but instead they required a recertification every three years.  This was good on one hand since it avoided you needing to change your CV, however it did mean enforced recertification every three years.

Well Microsoft are again changing MCSE and MCSD.  This time they are aligning the new MCSE tracks to the partner competencies

  • MCSE: Mobility
  • MCSE: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure
  • MCSE: Productivity
  • MCSE: Data Management & Analytics
  • MCSD: Application Builder

Per the below the requirements now are to pass the MCSA plus one elective, which makes the MCSE a bit easier to obtain however you need to keep passing a new elective every year in order to retain the certification.

MCSE Summary

So what does this mean for existing MCSEs?  Microsoft sent out emails from to award a new MCSE badge to anyone who had an active old MCSE as at Dec 31 2016.  These new MCSEs last for 1 year only so you will need to pass a different elective exam during the 2017 calendar year in order to keep the new MCSE and the badge.  As of 31 March 2017 all old MCSE certifications will go to inactive

To find out more please see the Microsoft Certifications Overview

See below for the current set of electives for each new MCSE as well as the required MCSA

MCSE MobilityMCSE-Cloud-PlatformMCSE Productivity MCSE Data Management MCSD Application Builder