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The Banker Technology Projects of the Year Awards 2017

11th August, 2017

Did you know, Nero Blanco has a long-lasting relationship with HPe (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), BT (Binary Tree) & HSBC? For the last 4 years we have been the leading technology consultancy, developing and customising the back bone of the migration and coexistence environment for HSBC’s 300,000 mailboxes. From the pilot stage of the Mercury programme […]

Additional Mailboxes in Office 365 – More delegation woes

10th August, 2017

As at today we have an interesting problem and an open ticket with Microsoft Office 365 that is being escalated to Product Support. The scenario is pretty straightforward.  Sharing a Mailbox via Full Access (no automapping) + Send on Behalf of Rights and attaching it in Outlook as a “New Account” (NOT as an additional Mailbox) […]

Outlook Personal Mailbox Delegation Wizard – The ins and outs

31st July, 2017

Unexpected Results of User Initiated Outlook Delegation Without getting too much into it, all Exchange Administrators have had to deal with this scenario at some stage or another.  In my opinion Microsoft still have not address this very well for enterprise or even small customers.  The whole end user experience is misleading, it creates the […]

Enhance Notes and Outlook Coexistence – Policy Suggestions

15th June, 2017

Introduction Recommendations for new customers moving to Microsoft Outlook from IBM Lotus Notes. Despite the presence of 3rd Party Coexistence solutions such as Binary Tree Coexistence Manager for Notes the rescheduling of repeating meetings is still not able to be resolved in certain scenarios.  Specifically: “this and all future instances”, and to a lesser importance […]

Migrating Personal Contacts from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook

23rd May, 2017

Introduction This document is a short form version containing the basic steps to help a fairly competent basic user that has some IT skills to complete the task of exporting their Lotus Notes personal contacts and importing them into Microsoft Outlook.  This document should definitely be sufficient for an IT Support Person or Helpdesk consultant. […]

Exchange Resource Mailboxes – Part 1

21st April, 2017

Since Microsoft Exchange 2007 Resource Mailboxes have been a feature of Microsoft Exchange. Overall it appears that Room and Resource mailboxes are a feature that has matured over the previous versions of Microsoft Exchange Server and now receive just a few minor improvements to make them simpler to manage. IBM’s Domino platform has always had […]

Exchange Federation to Office 365 without Hybrid

7th April, 2017

Exchange Federation has been around a long time, but of course more recently any time you talk about integrating with Office 365 people start going down the hybrid route.  What if you don’t want hybrid though, what if all you want is to be able to share free/busy information? Let’s set the scene.  We have […]

Exchange Server 2016 – Unable to determine file version PowerShellEngine

7th March, 2017

After installing Exchange Server 2016 CU4 on Windows Server 2016, the Exchange Management Shell would fail to connect with the error: New-PSSession : [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] Processing data from remote server xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx failed with the following error message: [ClientAccessServer=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,BackEndServer=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,RequestId=bc9549f6-b772-4933-8132-84dfcd57372d,TimeStamp=07/03/2017 12:25:32] [AuthZRequestId=7f855afa-31f2-4e46-bd1b-c1bf1ebc95f1][FailureCategory=AuthZ-SetupVersionInformationCorruptException] Unable to determine the installed file version from the registry key ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PowerShell\1\PowerShellEngine’. For more information, see […]

Autodiscover exposed

23rd November, 2016

for Exchange & O365 Autodiscover is a fundamental technology in Exchange and Office 365.  When Outlook first starts the ‘out of the box experience’ is that it will first of all figure out if it can find an email address for you on the account you’re logged in with and then takes you through a […]

Exchange Online, On Premise for Small, Midsized Businesses – The Costs

23rd May, 2016

Exchange Online is of course part of Office 365 and people are migrating to it in droves. The attractions from a feature perspective are obvious, for a mere £8 a month small businesses (under 300 users) can get all of the following Exchange Online SharePoint Online OneDrive Skype for Business Exchange Online Protection Office 2016 […]

How can I reduce SPAM for my domains?

6th May, 2016

As any mail administrator will know SPAM is rampant on the Internet.  I’ve work in organizations where over 95% of all mail received at the perimeter is dropped as SPAM mail… In previous blogs we have looked at the Sender Protection Framework (SPF) and DomainKey Identified Mail (DKIM).  Now it is time to look at […]

Marking email as Private

6th March, 2016

Tagging a message as private (this doesn’t prevent sharing or printing) If you just want to let people know that you’d like them to treat your email as private, you can tag it as such. This doesn’t stop them from forwarding or printing your message. Instead, it includes “Please treat this as Private” at the […]