NeroBlanco Lotus Notes to O365 MaaS

6th February, 2018

We’re often asked why our Migration as a service offering is more advantageous than any on-premises solution an organisation could wish to deploy.   Typically if a company has decided to host their email in the Microsoft cloud they have already familiarised & accepted all the certifications which Microsoft abides by in their services,  like […]

DirectAccess warm standby without IPv6

16th January, 2018

DirectAccess has come a long way and with Windows Server 2016 it is pretty easy to install as a single site, single server deployment.  What if you need additional resilience though, what if you want a fail over server?  You can of course go down the multi-site route but that needs IPv6 to be deployed […]

Securing the Azure AD Connect account

21st December, 2017

Azure AD Connect (AADC) integrates your Active Directory with Azure Active Directory (and from there with the various Active Directories for your workloads)  AADC has an account on-premises that has rights within Active Directory and depending on what you are syncing back from Azure AD to on-premises those rights can be extensive. Microsoft has issued […]

Nero Blanco becomes a Power365 Certified Partner

23rd November, 2017

Nero Blanco has become a Power365 Certified Partner! Power365 is a Binary Tree product that solves Office 365 cross-tenant integration and migration challenges for when your organization goes through a merger or acquisition, has users in multiple Office 365 tenants, like multinationals, or has separate operating divisions.  Nero Blanco sees this kind of integration and […]

Synchronisation of the LegacyExchangeDN

15th November, 2017

An interesting challenge was discovered at a client recently during testing in a development (pre prod) environment. Whilst we were not the architects of the directory synchronisation, it serves for a great blog/article.   A very very large customer (300k users) is deploying some additional Exchange forests for their final countries to migrate to Outlook […]

Inside the Microsoft Azure Datacenter Architecture

25th October, 2017

This is a summary of a great session by Mark Russinovich talking about Azure Inside Azure Datacenters Data center design When Microsoft plans new data centers they start with geographies (Geos) which are gradually coming down to country (Germany, France, UK, etc).  Within a geo there are at least two regions (region pair).  A region […]

OneDrive – Files on Demand

25th October, 2017

Window 1709 (Fall Creators) has a great new feature called Files on Demand.  It is a OneDrive feature that we actually talked to Microsoft about at Ignite in 2015.  Basically it makes OneDrive more like other file syncing tools, where the file names and directory structure is always shown but the file content may or […]

Sysmon Configuration with DSC

23rd October, 2017

As part of a project I’m working on I was asked to install and configure Sysmon on all servers using DSC (Azure Automation DSC in this case)   After a bit of effort I came up with the following Configuration xSysmon { param ( [string] $SourcePath = “”, [string] $LocalPath = “”, [string] $ConfigFileName = […]

Azure Automation DSC Composite Configurations

18th October, 2017

While working on DSC for a client I came across the need to use Composite Configurations, however it needed to work with Azure Automation.  Microsoft did use to say that Azure Automation DSC does not support partial or composite configurations, however composite ones can actually be wrapped up as a module and imported.  After that […]

Allowing # and & in OneDrive for Business

2nd October, 2017

At Microsoft Ignite 2017 they mentioned that OneDrive does now allow # (hash) and & (ampersand) but it needs to be configured on the tenant.  If your current setting is NoPreference meaning Microsoft will roll it out when it feels like it.  If you want these characters accepted earlier then it can be set with  […]

Nero Blanco – Gold Cloud Platform

2nd October, 2017

At Ignite this year Nero Blanco has reached another milestone in achieving Gold Cloud Platform status with Microsoft!  Thanks to all of those customers that we do Azure work for today, and for all of you who want to but haven’t spoken to us yet 🙂  

Nero Blanco – Silver Cloud Platform

20th September, 2017

Nero Blanco has reached another milestone in achieving Silver Cloud Platform status with Microsoft!  Thanks to all of those customers that we do Azure work for today, and for all of you who want to but haven’t spoken to us yet 🙂