RNIB Managed Service

Providing ongoing managed IT support and project management for RNIB


At a glance:

Client: RNIB
Industry: Charity NFP
Location: London, UK
Services provided: Microsoft Office 365 and Azure migration, ongoing managed IT service and support, divestiture handover and support.
Number of users: 1,300

The Client:

RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) is one of the UK’s leading sight loss charities and the largest community of blind and partially sighted people.
With roots dating back as far as 1868, the charity provides practical and emotional support for those affected by sight loss.


The Need:

Charities such as RNIB face an ongoing challenge: how best to optimise their limited resources – both finances and people power – in a way that empowers the organisation to work both efficiently and effectively. Juggling careful management of these resources while embracing cloud-based technology to stay relevant can be difficult.

Back in 2016, RNIB found themselves facing a number of technical challenges, due to legacy systems and software.

The charity went out to market and met with several vendors. In this case, size mattered, and not just experience. They wanted a company that was big enough to do the work but not so big that RNIB would be a small, unimportant customer.

Nero Blanco were the perfect fit, in terms of size, expertise and experience
– and they’ve worked with the charity ever since.


The Solution:

The initial challenge was an Active Directory migration of ~2,500 users and computers into a new greenfield AD purpose built with a hardened security posture being at the heart of the design with a dedicated vanilla RBAC model and GPOs. Overlaid was the integration of Azure AD for identity and an Exchange migration of 2,500 users from two On-Premises Exchange Organizations into Office 365. Once this challenging project had been successfully completed, RNIB decided to continue the relationship with a monthly managed service agreement.

As well as enabling Nero Blanco to help with the need for ongoing Office 365 support, the agreement has enabled the team to become trusted advisers  – or a critical friend – for the charity.

The flexible agreement gives Nero Blanco the opportunity to scope out larger projects, such as divestitures, to assist with the assessment of future plans and, of course, to provide reliable and efficient day-to-day IT support.

Understanding the charity’s goals also enables the Nero Blanco team to deal with Microsoft on their behalf  leveraging the best charity pricing, and making sure RNIB always get the best possible discounts. With over 50 years of combined experience, there’s not a thing the Nero Blanco team doesn’t know about Microsoft, and this certainly comes in handy!

Benefits in a nutshell:

Flexible service: a fresh approach to IT that’s designed around your business
Technical expertise on tap: no more struggling with IT challenges
Responsive and fast: we’re there when you need us
Affordable solution: a cost-effective way to outsource your IT function
Fully scalable: increase your level of support as your business grows
Reassurance: we make complex things simple
Peace of mind: with over 50 years of combined experience, there’s not a challenge we haven’t overcome.



Find the full case study here: pdf

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Your internal IT team do a good job of day-to-day helpdesk provision and occasional larger projects, but you could really use a strategic partner to handle more complex plans, to ensure you’re leveraging the best that Microsoft has to offer, and to keep your organisation running smoothly.

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"Since 2016 our tech team has grown from 35 to 90. The cost of retaining the latest skills, experience and knowledge internally is prohibitive, and we don’t always have the time, funds or ability to achieve our objectives.Thanks to the ongoing managed service we have with Nero Blanco, they feel like a seamless extension of our team. They complement the strengths and skills we have in-house, and we’ve established a strong relationship with good rapport – so much so, it’s hard to imagine how we’d manage without them!Our monthly retainer gives us access to their services as and when we need them, yes, but it’s more than that. Nero Blanco are a true strategic partner for RNIB, and their involvement is based on a deep understanding of our goals and the challenges we face as an organisation.When it came to launching our new three-year roadmap, I invited Conrad and the team to road test and review the plan before anyone else. They helped us to identify our priorities, and to create a plan to get us from where we are to where we want to be – despite Microsoft moving the goalposts throughout the process.With the plan signed off, Nero Blanco are now facilitating the delivery of our goals – starting with moving data and resources to Azure, enhancing security, and leveraging the complete Office 365 security stack.Since we began our collaboration with Nero Blanco the partnership has delivered measurable value. Simply put, they have enabled us to drive the organisation forward dramatically, and made it easier for us to do the vital work we do with ease.”
Aidan Forman, Director of Technology, RNIB