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There was a problem connecting to OneDrive Error Code: 0x8004e4d0

9th May, 2024

There was a problem connecting to OneDrive Error Code: 0x8004e4d0
Where we see it happen is often where the UPN of the user has changed from when the Personal Site was created and for whatever reason something in the Microsoft back-end service has not processed the change correctly.  On the face of it, nothing seems wrong.  The OneDrive site owner is correct and the URL for the Personal OneDrive site is correct, and yet, the end-user cannot start the Desktop OneDrive application. Even going to the browser to connect to OneDrive also fails with an access denied error.

OneDrive for Business Reconfiguration

6th May, 2020

Office 365 – Tenant to Tenant Migrations OneDrive for Business Reconfiguration Today I’m going to briefly outline Reconfiguring the OneDrive for Business Desktop Application. I say briefly because as a departure from some of our other blogs I’m going to depart from the usual step by step process with screenshots. If you have landed here, […]

Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migrations

13th June, 2019

Given the growth of Microsoft Office 365, tenant-to-tenant migrations were inevitable and have become more and more frequent.

Tenant-to-tenant migrations have essentially become the new Exchange and AD migrations we all know and love from the last 15 years.

If an Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration is on your horizon then you are going to have to rely on good planning, 3rd party tools, manual tools and IT Consulting Services from trusted professionals, and that’s where Nero Blanco comes in.

OneDrive – Files on Demand

25th October, 2017

Window 1709 (Fall Creators) has a great new feature called Files on Demand.  It is a OneDrive feature that we actually talked to Microsoft about at Ignite in 2015.  Basically it makes OneDrive more like other file syncing tools, where the file names and directory structure is always shown but the file content may or […]