Free Office 365 Setup & Migration

Free Office 365 Setup & Migration

Free Office 365 Setup, Migration and Support too good to be true?

No it is a real offering from Nero Blanco, and we believe it is the first time that an offer like this has ever been made by anyone other than Microsoft themselves.  The reason we can make this offer is that Microsoft reward partners for getting people to Office 365, and rather than just take these incentives but charge you the same we want to pass on those savings to you to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

So what is included in the free offer and what is additional?

Free Office 365 Setup

This service is intended for those wanting to try out Office 365, or who have decided that they do want to go to Office 365 but don’t really know where to start.

What is included

  • Advise on the most appropriate licensing
  • Create your trial tenant
  • Add and verify your domains
  • Advise on WAN/Firewall/Proxy remediation
  • No more than one Active Directory Forest
  • Install and configure AAD Connect (if needed)

What are additional cost items

  • Active Directory Federation Services
  • Multi Forest installations
  • Exchange Hybrid installation
  • Active Directory remediation

Free Office 365 Migration

This service is intended for those that have already set up their Office 365 tenant, and are now looking to migrate over to use the tenant and migrate pre-existing data.

What is included

  • Uses the native migration tools from Office 365 FastTrack Center
  • Single source Exchange organization or single source Domino domain

What are additional cost items

  • Use of additional software to overcome FastTrack Center constraints
  • Multi mail infrastructure migrations
  • Public folder migrations
  • SharePoint/OneDrive/Skype for Business data migration

Free Office 365 Support

This service is intended for those who are using Office 365 but want a trusted adviser to call on when needed.

What is included

  • Email support for up to 3 named individuals
  • 3rd line support questions only

What are additional cost items

  • Management of users/mailboxes
  • Management of the Office 365 tenant as a whole


So what is the catch?

Of course there is always a catch I hear you say, and yes there is but it is a very small one.  Microsoft allow you to name one partner as the Digital Partner of Record, and for the above offer you need to make Nero Blanco your Digital Partner of Record for a minimum of 3 years.  There is no cost to you for doing so, and the steps for assigning us Digital Partner of Record is explained in more detail in this previous post

If you want us to also support your on premises infrastructure like AAD Connect, Exchange Hybrid and Active Directory Federation Services then we will need a form of remote access in order to be able to log into those servers as and when needed.

What do I do next?  To request the above services please go to Free Office 365