Deleting an Outlook Profile

Deleting an Outlook Profile

We’ve all been there.  The time comes when we resort to deleting the Outlook Profile and simply start again.


For IT Professionals this is pretty straight forward and we understand the implications of doing so – and the inevitable new OST download.  If you are a big user of email, this could be a pretty big file (unless you are on a later version of Outlook with the OST slider bar)


For end users, there always comes a time where the fix will ALSO be to Delete & Recreate their Outlook Profile.  Now, you don’t always have Remote Access to a users PC so sending them some clear instructions is always beneficial.

Some example reasons why you might delete and recreate a profile are:

  • Global Address List sync Issue
  • Failing to connect online
  • Performance Issues
  • Persistent Pesky Reminder issues
  • Access other users Mailboxes / Delegation Issues
  • SendAs, Send on Behalf of issues
  • Rules failing

Instructions to Delete an Outlook Profile

Windows 7

Close Microsoft Outlook Completely

Go to Start, Control Panel


Switch to Large Icons


Find the Mail (32-bit) icon


Go to Profiles

  • image004

    Click Show Profiles


    Additional Steps

    To be 100% clean an experience IT user can perform these additional Steps.

    Delete ALL the files in here:


    and also in here


AppData Local