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Summarizing GDPR

26th July, 2017

You may well have heard about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) but do you know what it means for you?  The detailed information is found on the ICO website, but let’s summarize it for you Does GDPR apply to me? That broadly depends on the question “Do you hold or process ‘personal’ or ‘sensitive’ information […]

Introducing a new product Microsoft 365

14th July, 2017

At Inspire there was the announcement of a new product ‘Microsoft 365’.  At the enterprise level this replaces ‘Secure Productive Enterprise’ which has been available in E3 and E5 SKUs.  Microsoft 365 includes Office 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security as well as Windows 10 Enterprise.  So not much new so far aside from a new […]

Leveraging Microsoft Online Subscriptions on-premises

17th May, 2017

I know that sound like a weird title right?  How can you leverage Microsoft Online Subscriptions on-premises?  After all Office 365 is in the cloud?  What is not obvious is that a number of the subscriptions actually do grant you usage rights that are for on-premises use cases! The key document to refer to is the […]