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Configuring TLS between Domino and Exchange

21st June, 2014

Introduction In the modern messaging world Transport Layer Security has become the norm and given the ease at which Microsoft Exchange is able to achieve this out of the box, organisations quite rightly demand this when they are on Coexistence mode between IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange. Up to Domino 8.5.x Domino does not actually […]

Detecting private folders – targeted communications

13th June, 2014

There is a common misconception with the user community that Private Folders in Lotus Notes constitute making emails or calendar secure in some way.     Unfortunately, there is nothing really private about them; only the creator of a private folder can see the folder in the navigator, others cannot. If the owner moves a document […]

Global Address List Not Showing in Outlook

6th June, 2014

We’ve had reports from users who are using Outlook QuickSteps and find that when they look for a contact within the QuickStep they are not shown the Global Address Book. Instead what they see is the Personal Address Book. The reason for this is the registry key HKLM\Software\Clients\Mail\(Default) not being set to Microsoft Outlook.  In […]

Summarizing Message Tracking Logs

30th May, 2014

Exchange does a great job at logging all kinds of information, some by default and some can be switched on or extended. One example of this is the Exchange Message Tracking Logs. These logs can get large and analysing the data can be a bit of a chore. Some of the questions we are often […]