Least access model

11th April, 2015

for Lotus Notes to Exchange data migrations In many organisations to achieve accessing mail data for a migration you add the Lotus Notes Migration ID to the administrators group of the domain(s). However, when requesting 3rd party trusted migration experts like Nero Blanco to perform the migration, you may not like the exposure to data […]

Factors affecting Migration velocity

26th September, 2014

After a lot of experience in the field I’ve tried to bring together a bunch of items to consider when embarking on a Microsoft transformation. This blog is really directed at the Migration side of such a project, however many items are shared with coexistence.   The list may seem quite large, but in actual […]

Domino Directory Cataloger (dircat) does not replicate updates

11th July, 2014

In a large organisation I found that a domino directory catalog consolidating about 5 large domino directories did not have all documents replicating and was completely out of sync….   There are a variety of reason why directory catalogues are used. For most organisations it is simply to have a consolidated directory from multiple domino directories to […]

Detecting private folders – targeted communications

13th June, 2014

There is a common misconception with the user community that Private Folders in Lotus Notes constitute making emails or calendar secure in some way.     Unfortunately, there is nothing really private about them; only the creator of a private folder can see the folder in the navigator, others cannot. If the owner moves a document […]