Microsoft Gold eight times over!!!

Microsoft Gold eight times over!!!

We are always striving to be the best, whether that is to our Clients, our Partners or our Vendors and Distributors. We have been a Microsoft Gold Partner (Productivity, Platform, EMS, Datacenter and Application Development) for several years now, which with a smaller team is no mean feat!

Existing GOLD competencies

We are please to announce that we have added FOUR more gold competencies to this already impressive list to make it EIGHT gold competencies in total

  1. Project and Portfolio Management
  2. Communications
  3. Collaboration and Content
  4. Security

Project and Portfolio Management is all about Microsoft Teams. Having Teams, using Teams and using Teams effectively are three entirely different things. We will work with you to ensure you get the most from your investment

Communications refers to telephony within and alongside Teams. If you have the E5 SKU and want to leverage the Microsoft communications workload then we can help you integrate that in a way that makes sense for you.

Collaboration and Content is really all things SharePoint, which underpins Teams and OneDrive as well as SharePoint sites. We think it is important to understand the foundation that the other products are built on to give you the most appropriate advice.

Last but not least Security. As we all know, security is and should be front and center with any IT solution. Nero Blanco can help you have the right level of security for your business and ensure that you understand the impact of the multitude of security related settings and add-ons within the Microsoft stack

Working with Nero Blanco ensures that you are in safe hands, and we will commit to being a true partner, working with you to get to an end-goal that is most suited to your business