Configuring IBM Lotus Domino Server for SNMP

Configuring IBM Lotus Domino Server for SNMP

At a recent client engagement, we were asked to configure Domino for SNMP monitoring and alerting – Simple Network Management Protocol
Now, whilst there are some enterprise tools available for Domino Monitoring like GSX and Microsoft SCOM Management packs sometimes a free tool will give you enough of what you need.  This particular client were using Zabbix across the board as their chosen monitoring tool. For Zabbix to do its thing we needed to enable SNMP on Domino. This Blog does not go into how to configure Zabbix as this was not a requirement on our team.
Enabling SNMP for Domino was reasonably straight forward and here is how you do it.


Step 1 – Add the Windows Feature SNMP

First,  you need to add the Windows Feature




You can of course use Windows PowerShell to install it:

Import-Module ServerManager

-name SNMP* | Add-WindowsFeatureIncludeManagementTools


Set the Service to Started and Automatic

 Set Service to Auto

Step 2 – Set the Windows Environmental Path Variable

Then you must ensure that the Domino DLL/EXE directory is on the System Path e.g. C:\IBM\Lotus\Domino\ & E:\IBM\Lotus\Domino\Data
** requires a reboot


Set Path

 Set Path 2


Step 3 – Create and Enabled the Lotus Notes SNMP Service

Open a Command Prompt, you will need to ensure you “Run as Administrator”
Change Directory to where Domino is installed.  E.g. C:\IBM\Lotus\Domino
Type: lnsnmp.exe –Sc


Set it to Started and Automatic

 Set Service to Auto2

Step 4 – Configure the Domino Server –  Server Configuration Document SNMP tab

Optional.  This is not a requirement for Monitoring Only.


Now at the Domino Server console you must load the following quryset, intrcpt, collect

Step 5 – Completing the configuration of the Domino SNMP Agent

After you have performed the platform-specific configuration steps, complete the configuration of the IBM Lotus Domino SNMP Agent by following these steps which apply to all platforms. Repeat these steps as necessary for each Domino partition.

Starting the Domino server add-in tasks

To support SNMP queries, start the QuerySet add-in task. Enter this command on the Domino Server console:
load quryset
To support SNMP traps for Domino events, start the Event Interceptor add-in task. Enter this command on the Domino Server console:
load intrcpt
To support Domino statistic threshold traps, start the Statistic Collector add-in task. Enter this command on the Domino Server console:
load collect
Arrange for the add-in tasks to be restarted automatically the next time that Domino is restarted. Add quryset and/or intrcpt and collect to the ServerTasks variable in Domino’s NOTES.INI file.
E.g. ServerTasks=Update,Replica,Router,AMgr,AdminP,CalConn,Sched,HTTP,RnRMgr,LDAP,quryset,intrcpt,collect




Final TIP

After enabling all the above you will most likely get a constant annoying “interactive services” dialog box coming to the font of the screen.  Something like  this:



To make  this go away you need to disable the Windows Service called: Interactive Services Detection


Good luck!