Microsoft Ignite 2015

Microsoft Ignite 2015

Back from Microsoft Ignite, great conference but to be honest it was a bit too big really. 25,000 attendees and the venue was enormous!  The food was pretty dire, there were long queues for transportation and the hotels were a long way from the venue.  All in all it was a very tiring week and hard to choose which sessions to go to at times.

The biggest takeaway from the conference  is that companies who are not wholly on cloud are going to be left behind in a big way.  Whilst Microsoft are totally committed to On Premise and Hybrid deployments, the cloud platform is where innovation happens and it will always be years ahead of where an on premise organization can maintain itself.

Next Year Ignite is on again in Chicago May 9th to 13th

I have listed some of my favourite sessions are below. There is way more than this though… so check be sure to check out

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